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Laura Grace is a British oil painter living in Derbyshire.

Her inspiration is taken from the ever-changing light and array of colours found particularly along the Cornish coast and throughout Derbyshire where she lives.

Laura`s work is characterized by a fascination with light and movement, how marks can become unified to create the illusion of movement, how colours can be implemented to create the illusion of light.

Laura currently exhibits at several galleries; she welcomes the opportunity to develop relationships/expand her gallery presence.

As an artist, I have always found words don’t quite portray what painting means to me. For me, art is an emotion, a connection with nature that is very difficult to describe. When I am by the sea, I can only describe that feeling as being home, a place where I truly belong. I have always been driven towards recreating memories through a paintbrush. Moments where a shrill of seagulls echoes through the skies, the feeling of the sea mist enveloping each strand of hair, those smells that are so beautifully unique to the ocean. The way the light scintillates across the water, making it sparkle and dance. Every time I paint, my mind travels back to those memories and my hope is, through my artworks, that I can also ignite memories for others”


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Charity organisations

It was an honour to have helped support this event that took place in 2018. Which raised funds for such an amazing cause in aiding refugees and migrants. My artwork was part of an auction and used for advertising. 

I am always available to help support charity organisations, if I can in anyway please get in touch :)


Gallery Representation/afflilations

The Rivers Edge Gallery 2017

Toscas Gallery 2017

The Traynor Gallery 2018

The Green man (Buxton Spa Prize) 2018

The Makers 2019

The Green man (Green gathering) 2022

Cromford Studio and Gallery 2023

Macclesfield Art Lounge 2023

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